Enable local pickup at a nearby shop at certain times

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Hi there,

I run my online shop from home and for this December only want to add local pickup at a neighbourhood shop so last-minute shoppers don't have to worry about COVID snail mail not arriving on time.

I tried two different workaround options but neither were great:

1. I set up a second location with the name of the neighbourhood shop and transferred inventory to that shop. It worked but took ages to transfer the inventory and the neighbourhood shop's hours and pickup details did not show up when I pretended to be a customer (just the shop name and address).

2. I changed my shop's street address to the neighbourhood shop's address. But again, no details or hours appeared when I went to checkout.

Is there a way to set up a dummy location with no inventory for pickup purposes only (so I don't have to share my home address with customers), and display its details at checkout so customers can make an informed decision? I will be walking over there with my orders Tuesday-Saturday but won't be fulfilling them there.

Here's what I want to say:
"Local pickup is available from 8 December at [Neighbourhood Shop], Tuesday-Saturday from noon to 4pm. Please allow one business day for order packing (we'll notify you when it's ready to collect) and bring your confirmation email with you as proof of purchase."

If someone orders on Saturday they wouldn't be able to pick up until Tuesday at this shop, so the "usually 24 hours" is misleading. I really want the details displayed.