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We are currently using Shipstation for all of our USPS orders, however would like to continue to use all of our shipping options via Shopfiy. The only thing holding us back is being able to create an End of Day Scan Sheet that allows our USPS mail carrier/pick up to scan one barcode to mark all of these orders at the end of the day as picked up. Can this option be added?

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I've been searching for this too, especially for holiday orders. Did you figure something out using shopify shipping?


What does one of these look like?


Our app, ShopClerk, could be made to generate one if I could get the details on what it would need to show.

Kevin Bedell
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Same here.


We use Shipstation and want to switch to Shopify shipping to process all of our orders from our Shopify store, amazon, eBay, etc.  But this is stopping us.  USPS requires the scan form.


This isn't the only thread about this.


Shopify, why are you ignoring us?