Error at checkout "No Match" "Street Address and Postal Code do not match"

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Hi everyone, 


I have been in contact with Shopify live chat but they were unable to help. I have 2 customers who are trying to place orders but once they enter their credit card details and click "place order" they get the error message "street address and postal code do not match". They've both tried different credit cards and still get the same issue. 


I asked one of them to clear their browser cache, she did and now she is getting the error message "No match". 


We've had over 100 orders placed today and no one else has had this issue, and it has never come up before today. 


Both of these customers have ordered with us before and haven't had this issue before today. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We use Shopify Payments.


Thank you

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Just received a message from a customer with this same situation - they tried several times, but kept getting "no match" error when trying to complete their order. Don't know browser info, but they were on a desktop. When they tried again, with the same account info, but on their phone, they were able to purchase with no issue. At this point, we've had no other complaints.