Everyone beware of Shopify payments, read first before you start using!

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I’m a user of shopify payments and I am experiencing extremely disappointed experience with irresponsible IT & CS services regarding the shopify payments and it clearly has some issues and the staff keep ignoring the issue and instead, putting the blame on the customer!

I was just trying to change my Payout bank registered with shopify payments, I am just suppose to enter the old bank details and I should get it done! But instead, the system keep saying there was an error and try again later. I have tried many times over a few days and have decided to contact the CS, but that is when more nightmare begins!

First there is this technical called Sam Lee that continue refuse to believe that there is someting wrong with the system deapite the screenshot I have provided. Instead, he ask me for ID pictures and creditcard informations. (That seems ridiculous to me!) Then, after 3 times I submitted the ID due to that they add new requirements each time like, I have to use photo instaed of scan, I was asked to try chaning the bank on my account again!

Bloom again, the same alert appeared again and i screenshot it and sent to that Sam Lee again. Once agin he refuse that there’s anything wrong (as stubborn as a cow). What I felt is 2 weeks wasted doing nothing due to his stubbornness. 

Then instead of finally getting his hands to fix the system, another staff named melody contact me for MORE verifications! She now asked for Tax records, detail bank records and some federal business registerations! I can even suspect that there may be some fraud going on here! Clearly common sense shows that shopify doesnt need my documents to fix their dam system, their staff all thinks that their system is god and nothing can ever be wrong! A total of 4 weeks has passed and I’ve not done a simple job for just changing the payout account, and I cant even reset the shopify payment because even if I deactivate it and start again, everthing is still there! And I certainly wont provide the ridiculous large amount of documents for nothing to some stubborn bunch of staff, that I dont see any needs for them and one can do illegal things with them like making loan using our company name unkowingly! I have provide my ID, credicard ibformation, using mu user name and password to login, and even verified using google Authenticator. I really dont see any reason for all the documents!

I hope that anyone who is going to use shopify payments to think twice before using it and be aware of their ridiculous staff going on inside. And if someone of shopify mangerial level see this post, I hope you can stop your nonsense and finally go start reviewing what is wrong with your system!