Exclude cart discount for partial refund

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following scenario for an order:

  • Item 1: 50€
  • Item 2: 50€
  • Absolute Cart Discount: -10€

The customer pays 90€ and in the system 5€ discount get allocated to each item.

Now if the customer sends back Item 1 the system automaticaly will only refund the customer 45€.

What we want:

  • refund the customer for item 1 the 50€ and when returning Item 2 refund 40€
  • this is because it is not comprehensible for the customer if she got a discount of 10€ and this will not stay when returning one item

What we tried:

  • it is possible to refund the 50€ via the API
  • an order-adjustment is being made
  • 40€ remain to be refunded

What is the problem:

  • we are working with an external payment provider for our invoicing. As you can imagine this causes a headache regarding tax and unit-prices per item also due to debt-collection.

My question:

  • is it possible to not allocate the absolute cart discount to the items and keep it as a separate position (discount)
  • with this it should be possible to decide on when to take the discount into account while refunding
  • is it possible to "re-allocate" the discount (maybe same as order-adjustment) during refunding and put this to the remaining items? With this it should be possible to only refund the full price for that item and touch the discount in latter refund-steps

This is a specific case but it is a common issue on ecommerce platforms that absolute discounts are allocated on the items although the belong to the cart. I was working for different ecommerce-companies now and this always leads to customer-complaints which is everything different but customer first. So I would like to tackle that topic.

Curious to hearing back on that.