Export orders with products from certain collections only

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I am building a new store and will have 2 separate collections for it. I need to be able to export orders by the collection ordered from. I've looked into Deepmine and a few other export apps and while they are almost there, they don't let me export the products that were purchased along with all the other order information (like shopifys basic export does). Does anyone know of a way to export orders by collection that also exports the products ordered?


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Hi, Dianne!

I get that you want to know the path through which the customer went on your page - through which Collection page when he added the product to the cart. If you don't have specific tracking made for this then post-factum I think this data is not available in Shopify anywhere.

But you could achieve this "Orders by Collection" result very closely with the https://excelify.io app if you are using Custom Collections:

  1. Export the Custom Collections with "Linked Products" - that will give you the table of all the product IDs and Handles per Custom Collection.
  2. Export Orders with "Products" included as additional data.
  3. Link those two tables in Excel by Product ID or by Product Handle to see which collection product was included in the Order.

Note that if you will have the same product in many collections then this might be a bit question of logic - which one do you consider as the real one for that order.


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