Exporting & Analyzing Cancelled / Refunded Orders

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I am looking for a way to export the cancellation reason for my cancelled and refunded orders. 


When we cancel an order, we always select a reason for the cancellation or refund, but I can't find a way to export this data so that my team can look back over the past orders and try to understand any trends, so that we can better understand why people are cancelling. 


Is there a way to export this into a CSV, or to create a report in Shopify, that will show the "reason for cancellation" field? Can we also show the "order note" field? Otherwise, we would have to go through each order and check the reason individually.


Or is there a smarter way to accomplish what I'm looking to do?




Hey there Sean,


The order note field is available in the default Shopify order CSV export under a column called "Notes", but the cancel reason and the refund notes are not available in the default export as far as I know.


These data are available via the Shopify API, however: https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/orders/order


We have an app, EZ Exporter, that can export these for you in a custom CSV or Excel report as well.  In our app, you can select the following fields to include these in the export:

  • note
  • cancel_reason
  • refunds.note

We have a 7-day free trial so if you just need to do this one time, you can just install it, do your export, and uninstall it right away so your account doesn't get charged.


Hope that helps!

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Any other options to accomplish this? $25/month for this one feature seems pricey.