Facebook pixel product value not matching multi-currency value


Hi everyone 👋


I'm testing the new multi-currency functionality for Shopify Payments on a standard store (https://yeahnice.ink/). Everything's working great so far. My currency selector form is working perfectly and product prices are updating in my templates as expected. The currency-converted prices are also making it all the way through to checkout which is exciting to see 😀


However, the product value being displayed in my Facebook Pixel never changes when I change the currency. It seems to always stay at the non-currency-converted price as shown here:


Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.39.16.png


You can see in the screenshot that the incorrect value of $20.00 is being set for the pixel, but the correct value of $29.00 is being displayed on the page. The pixel is however, always updating and displaying the correct currency (in this example 'AUD'), no matter what I change it to in my store currency selector.


I'm using the standard Shopify Facebook Pixel implementation and don't have any pixel-related apps or customisations installed.


My question is, should this Pixel product value be updating to match my currency-converted prices?




Hi everyone,


I'm convinced this is a bug with Shopify's default FB Pixel implementation not working properly with the new multi-currency support.


My store now has full multi-currency support but my FB pixel is sending incorrect data to Facebook.


To test this I purchased an item from my store with the currency set to USD and everything worked perfectly. Here are screenshots of pixel events:


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.00.49 pm.png


I then set my store currency to AUD and purchase the same item successfully in the correct currency:


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.04.13 pm.png


...but the FB Pixel is displaying an amount which looks to be a USD amount even through the currency is clearly showing AUD:


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.05.37 pm.png


So I don't think Shopify's default FB pixel code is sending the correct amount based on the currency the user has chosen. Either that, or it's sending the *store currency* amount, but is incorrectly setting the currency code.


I should mention that I'm not using any currency conversion apps or custom FB Pixel apps. I'm just using Shopify's new store currency selector functionality.


If this is a bug, who do I direct it to?


Thanks again for reading.


I'm thinking that perhaps Shopify might be always reporting FB pixel amounts in my default store currency, which would make sense from an accounting and reporting perspective.

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