False Delivery email notifications on partial shipments from FBA

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I keep running into an issue with shipments in multiple boxes from FBA fulfillment. When the first package from a multi package shipment gets delivered, the customer receives a "Order delivered in full email". Then the customer who is upset thinking that we forgot to put everything in the box emails us to complain or find out where the rest of the order is. Every time, when I look up the order in the Amazon manage orders page, there is a second or 3rd shipment with its own tracking number. 

I have seen the email templates that Shopify has for such split shipments, why does it not pull this information back from the FBA API and provide the correct partial shipment emails with the proper tracking numbers. Has anybody figured out how to make this happen? 

Can we log a feature request with Shopify to improve the integration with the Amazon market place web services API here?