Feature Request: Shipping Label printed on a 2 5/16in x 4in

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We ship using 4x3x1 little boxes.  So we scale using the option, "Fit to page" when printing our shipping labels.


The problem is that the Post Office has a hard time scanning the tracking number barcode.


Increasing with the scaling doesn't work, because it crops off different parts of the shipping label.  It doesn't appear that I can "code" a new shipping label either.


How do I submit a feature request to format a shipping label for 2 5/16in x 4in dymo label?  Or... I think it would easily work if the barcode was smiply bigger.  There's room for margin on the left and right.  How do I submit a feature request to have Shopify increase the font size of the barcode printed?







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Seems like there are two options for shipping label size:

8.5 x 11


4 x 6


like you need need a custom size: 4 x 4

My ROLLO label device allows the format change but Shopify doesn't allow for any other option but 4 x 6 or 8.5 x 11.


Is there a 3rd party app that would allow for a smaller postage label that I can purchase postage from and still sell through Shopify?