Feature request: Control order of payment providers in checkout

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We have a few payment providers at my store, a single credit card payment provider (third-party payment provider) and three alternative payment providers. Now, the CC payment provider we used to have was always on the top, which was great since most of our customers use credit cards while purchasing. This morning I changed the CC payment provider to a different one and now one of the alternative payment providers is at the top. Well it went to the top but I deactivated it since not having a CC provider at the top will confuse my customers.

I’ve looked at some of the earlier messages on this forum and I understand there’s currently no way to control this unless you’re on the Shopify Plus plan and even then it takes custom coding. See this answer from Shopify.

From what I’ve seen it seems the order is controlled only by the ID of the payment providers. Our old payment provider had an ID of 62, our alternative payment providers have IDs: 1030172, 1052502, 1055473. So the order would be:

CC, 62
Other A, 1030172
Other B, 1052502
Other C, 1055473

The new CC provider has an ID of 1030300 so the new order is:

Other A, 1030172
CC, 1030300
Other B, 1052502
Other C, 1055473

As you can see this is no good and means that any new payment provider will always be at the bottom of the list!

I would appreciate if Shopify adds a feature to

A) manually control the ordering of these payment providers or
B) at the very least pick the one payment provider you want at the top.

I hope this message sparks some interest with the community and the Shopify team.

If you agree with this please like this message or add a comment so that we can keep this issue alive.

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Í totally agree to this,the order of the payment providers must be in favour of the shop, but not the bank/payment collectors.

the payment providers button is to small or not very visible as well, it's not good for people who are in their baby steps of online shopping, as many are now on this strange times.

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We have a new option for payments here in Iceland from Rapyd Payments. This option replaces an older option for this payment provider with a new Shopify plugin. This issue mentioned by Baldur must be fixed as it can severly drive down conversions.