FedEx 2 Day Air One Rate Question

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Just introduced to FedEx 2 Day One Rate by our Rep.  The problem is it does not populate as an option with Shopify.  Tried to create a weight based for both the small ($9.95 & medium box $12.95), but they both have a maximum weight limit of 20 lbs.  Really would like to offer this as a shipping, but looks like the system would have to figure the volume as well.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.  FedEx Web support says that Shopify should be able to pull the API, but hasn't.

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Yes we also have Fedex One-Rate discounted rate from Fedex which we're not seeing. 

I think this issue is that fedex API needs to see that we've seleted there ONE RATE Fedex Envelopes as the packaging but Shopify still does not have packagings optoins pulled from Fedex's API. 

Currently we have manually created a Shipping Rate for USA. Which we labled Fedex 2 day - One rate. 

Then we are using shipstation APP, which does let you import orders and use Fedex 2 day One rate- and we're seeing the discounted rates and able to print right from there. 

It would be great if Shopify could support the "Packages like Fedex Box or Fedex Envelopes" but if you look under carrier packages, only USPS and UPS shows up - no Fedex as for Dec 2018. 

The issue is on the Shopify end - because it works find on ShipStation. 


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Hello @Blabbermouth , @Ronny_Islam 


The FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking app can be used to solve your issue.


  • The app supports FedEx One Rate
  • Using the box packing feature in the app, you can enable the required FedEx boxes (FedEx Small Box, FedEx Medium Box, FedEx Envelope, etc)
  • The app uses this box packing feature to automatically pack the products into the most suitable FedEx box using the product weight and dimensions