Fedex shipping for Indian customers

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Hey Guys,

Looking for information from Indian websites. Is anyone using Fedex services directly and not through aggregators? If yes can you please share how you are doing the shipping, packing slip creation etc.

I currently use the Fedex integration app but it has lot of issues and am trying to see if there is an alternate way to do it.




Hello @Tejasvi_Bhat,


What issues are you facing with the integration app?


Using Fedex services directly to handle shipping is a manual process. You have to enter the complete details for each of the orders and then print FedEx label packing slip, etc to handle shipping.

You can use the FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking app to handle the complete FedEx shipping process. The app helps you display live FedEx rates at checkout, print FedEx labels for all orders in bulk, schedule pickup for your orders and also handle FedEx tracking.

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It would be great if you can post your problem in exact so that someone can pickup it up and help. Also, when you say you are using FedEx Integration app, can you elaborate on that? Finally, you can try using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for rates directly from your account. It is not an aggregator as you can use your own account with it.