Fedex shipping with Boxify; no tracking or shipping labels

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I'm currently working with a client who will be selling cakes and other baked goods, and shipping with their current Fedex account. Here's our current setup:

  • $29 per month Shopify account
  • Boxify App for Fedex shipping/packaging calculations
  • Shopify/Stripe payment gateway

We're finally at the point where we're testing the purchase process (with the payments in test mode), but we're finding that there are two big problems that we'd like to solve:

  1. While Boxify is doing a pretty good job at calculating and adding the shipping fee, we still have to manually get a tracking number from Fedex when fulfilling the order
  2. We're not getting an option to print a Fedex shipping label from Shopify

My question is this: are we missing something, or will these features require another add-on?

Bonus question: We're sort of working around this with shipping zones, but we'd also like to restrict shipping options per product depending on the calculated shipping distance. In other words, we don't want someone to select 7-day ground shipping for a fresh cake that will taste lousy by the time they receive it. Is there a better way to handle this?

Thank you!

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Addison, 

Stephanie here from Shopify's Guru Team!

To print shipping labels from Fedex, you'll need to use an app such as Shippo :) 

Setting shipping rates per product is not a current feature of our platform; however, the Better Shipping app will allow you to set individual shipping rates!

I would also recommend looking into the carrier calculated shipping feature, so you can add Fedex as a courier and serve real time rates for your customers. You can add carrier calculated shipping for $20 a month to your current plan. Alternatively, if you switch to annual billing, you'll save 10% on your plan and receive carrier calculated shipping for free. 

Hope this helps! If you'd like to activate the carrier calculated shipping feature to your clients store, please reach out to and one of our gurus will set you up :)

Stephanie | Shopify Support
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Answering for the benefit of others with similar queries.


You can enable carrier calculated rates from Shopify at an additional $20/month or for free if you go for annual payment. Now, you can use an app like the FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app which will help you print FedEx labels in bulk, calculate rates as per your requirement and display it on the Shopify checkout and also handle FedEx tracking automatically.

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You can simply us the Multi Carrier Shipping label app which allows you to automatically fit items in the appropriate box and show rates. It additionally allows you to generate labels from within the app and sends the tracking number into your Shopify order. All the above functions can be performed from a single app.


Note : For this you need the live carrier rates to be enabled on your account. You can remain on the Basic Shopify plan and add the live carrier rates feature for as little as $0/month if you switch to yearly billing (this also saves you 10% off your plan, so for a lot of users this is the way to go), or you can add it for $20/month a-la-carte. You can add this feature to your plan by contacting Shopify