Filtering orders based off collections they were ordered from

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I'll give a little background as to why I need to find a way to sort my orders by collection when fulfilling them. The way I have my store set up is that I have basically a bunch of the same products in different collections so that they can be sold at different events (specific links will be available for each even so they need their own collections to achieve that). But when orders come in they all show up at Short Sleeve T-shirt, with no indication which collection (event) they were ordered from. I am thinking it should be possible to see which collection they were ordered from and if not is there some other way I can set this up to be able to fulfill my orders without going mental trying to track what collection (event) the orders came from?

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That's definitely possible. You can pull the collection details in the Order data output, and with a configurable integration platform, you can create the relation in the target fulfillment application. Are you using any other application to help you fulfill, such as Shipstation or an ERP?