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Hi, awkward question. I have received my first chargeback email. I had a customer place an online order in May. She had it set for local delivery but then called me and said she could pick it up. I sent a verification message stating it was ready. I placed the 2 plants in her hand when she came to pick them up after changing her mind and being in town.

now, 3 months later I’m recieving an email stating she claims it was a fraudulent transaction. I have added all info needed to dispute this but I’m wondering if there is something I can do more of. It’s a small town, she works at my local McDonald’s and isn’t responding to my texts. Shady af. No email on her order. Products delivered and now I’m being fined a chargeback. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @motherofmany,

Chargebacks can definitely be frustrating, especially in this case where you have handed over the product yourself and have provided the customer with the service that you charged them for.

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do other than just ensure that the evidence that you submitted included as much information as possible to ensure that the bank can make the correct decision - including any communication with the customer. A lot of the time chargeback issues come from when a customer does not recognise a charge on their account or may have forgotten about a purchase - especially if it's three months later.

I would not recommend approaching the customer directly about this as the customer may take this as intimidation, which could cause a bunch of more issues that can be avoided.

Of course, you may be able to have a chat with your local law enforcement regarding this issue and they may be able to create a report for this and would be able to advise you further on the next course of action - again, I would recommend having all evidence ready, including communication with the customer.

I wish you all the best with this chargeback and hope that it resolves in your favour! 

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