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I am in need of a flexible shipping app. Our store (artesanosdesign.com) sells everything from small and fragile (glassware) to large, heavy and fragile (glass cabinet furniture). Smaller items like glasswares and even small furniture items (end tables, nightstands) will ship via. UPS. Carrier calculated rates work and they don't. The smallest items work best, but as items get bigger, UPS doesn't take into account the box size, only weight, when calculating these pieces. 

For the largest items, that ship via. Motor Freight, it would be ideal to offer free shipping (we can only offer on orders of $2k or more at the moment). We would also like for our customers to be able to check out with a combination of shipping options... i.e.  

- Free Shipping with a "white glove service" add on

- Oversize shipping (for large products 150 lbs+ that don't meet the $2k threshold) with "white glove service add on

We have basically tried to build a store around the most complicated/expensive items to ship... any suggestions out there on apps or solutions? Thanks. 

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Hi Kevin,

You could set up a shipping product item with several variants for small items and large items. You have 100 variants avalable so you should be able to to cover many cases.

On the cart based on the products added in cart, with JavaScript, you can add that additional shipping product. So if the user chooses a small item with a simple JS logic you can add a $10 shipping variant. Same thing for large or combined items. Basically you will push to cart an extra product, shipping, according the a logic created in Javascript.

It is a custom solution, that needs some settings but this done well can cover your needs.

Hope it helps.

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For smaller items, carrier calculated rates should display. I am assuming here you are not facing any problem. For larger products that go beyond 150 lbs Shopify will not be able to display rates as freight support is not included in Shopify. This is because majority of store owners use light to intermediate weighted goods.


Now, to resolve your problem, you need a solution which divides the shipment into multiple boxes based on the weight and dimensions of the products. You can achieve this using Multi Carrier shipping label app. In addition, you can also define 'Free Shipping' based on a variety of factors like quantity of products, total weight of order, total price of order, etc.