Following up pending payment orders

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I am interested if it I could send an automatic email to customers that have their payments as pending

the scenario would be 
We have a payment option where customer checks out and chooses the pay via bank deposit.
However, several customers leave their payment pending, and we would want to send an email to customers who have their payments pending after a few days a follow up email regarding their payment.

Would this be possible?


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Ralph,


I believe this might be possible with a custom built app that you'd need a Shopify Expert to build for you.

Shopify Experts is an online directory of eCommerce experts that can help you run your Shopify store. From customizing your theme to building custom applications, these experts can help with everything and anything related to Shopify. I'd suggest reaching out to a development expert to see if this can be built for you.


Talk to you soon!

Matthew Buttler
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Hi Ralph,

Yes that's possible! You can use Kindly for that:

Kind regards,

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Send reminders to recover forgotten orders.