For COD extra charge option?

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Dear Shopify Team!

After we started to build our webshop at Shopify, we sadly realized there is no option to charge an extra fee if someone pay by COD.

Please let us know how we can solve this issue, if someone choose the products after we would like them to have two payment option, like Bank card payment and COD. If they choose bank card option, there would be shipping price, if they choose COD option, we want to add an extra charge to the shipping price.Because it costs more for us to send like this of course.

Please help us with this issue!



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Hi, SnusMaster!

Stephanie here from Shopify. 

I would highly recommend checking out this forum post here:

Another merchant has outlined a very detailed workaround for implementing COD with additional charges!

Hope this helps! :)

- Stephanie 

Stephanie | Shopify Support
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Hi guys,


Does anybody know what are the COD transaction fees?




Regards, Dan Nistor | Instagram Expert
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Stephanie,m the solution proposed is ridiculous. It not even close from being a proper solution. 
We cannot transfer a technical issue to the customer, and expect they will do it right. 
This would be an horrible customer experience, and I'm sure it would put extra work on customer service. 

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Hey there!

Freddie here from the Shopify Support team, happy to help here.

As for Dan's question as to what transaction fees are charged for COD orders, the answer would be none! Transaction fees are not charged for manual payments, which includes COD. You can find all of the relevant information on Transaction Fees, right here.

To address your concerns, Federico, I completely understand and appreciate where you're coming from. As there is no built in feature to add on a charge for COD rates at this point in time, the above forum post mentioned includes a great workaround that can work for many merchants. I understand that this isn't an ideal answer, as it'd be better to have this built in already, but seeing as it's not an option at this point in time that workaround could possibly work.

Having said that, I do know that this feature isn't something that is only asked for from you, but from many merchants. I've gone ahead and put through a formal recommendation to our platform developers on your behalf to take this into consideration when looking to make improvements to the platform in the future. Hopefully we see this change in the future, but for now, hopefully that workaround can work.

Let me know if you have any further questions, happy to help.

Best regards,

Shopify Support -

Freddie | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello, with a bit of custom development we have worked out a clean way to add an extra COD fee if a customer adds COD as the payment method at check-out. It's with mentioning that you need to have a Shopify Plus account as this method will not work on the normal shopify plans. 

But if you need any help with this, then please feel free to reach out to us. We are registered Shopify Experts. -

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This is still not solved!

As long as the cheapest shipping rate withouit COD is the first in the list (and it is bcs COD is more expensive) and in Payment COD is also the first in the payment list most customers make it wrong!

So the workaround ist not working in 70% of all cases!

Is there a solkution now? This is a dealbraker for shopify!

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This needs to be implemented!!

We ship to Italy and Spain. 30% of our customers use COD. It costs us 3EUR per order and we have no way of passing on this charge.

Absolut dealbreaker and shocked it is still not implemented.

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It's absolutely ridiculous that this is not solved yet after 3 YEARS of merchants asking for it!

If it's about fees PLEASE we will GLADLY pay for it if that's going to make you fix it.

It's a ***** standard function on EVERY ecommerce platform (open and closed sourced), there is no excuse for shopify, very disappointing and frustrating!

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I completely agree with you Alexb20

This "hack" is known to buyers that buy on shopify webshops and are exploting this "hole" that shopify won't fix...and it is an easy fix...

I must say it is costing me tens of €€ every month and I even used the workaround descibed in the previous posts, but the buyers are looking for every opportunity to get cheaper shipping costs!

APPEAL to the shopify...please fix this this issue with the ability to calculate shipping costs based on payment method!!!


Payment type:     PAYPAL, credit card, Bank transction,... -> 1. rate

                            COD -> 2. rate