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Hello Shopify World


I know this has been a topic discussed many times on these forums and I never see a good response from anyone, let alone Shopify.  I've been in a conundrum for a while now and am still unsatisfied with answers so I figured I'd give it a try.

Store Description:  A consignment store for artisanal food.  We pay taxes and shipping and take a commission.  We send the vendors a shipping list and shipping label (currently using Ordoro).  All of our vendors are dropship (they ship from their own location, not a central location).  We also try to make a profit on shipping.

Problem/Current Setup:  Because of our vendors being in different locations, we cannot use the "Carrier Based" Shipping.  This requires a single zip code to calculate from.  We currently have it set up for Flat/Weight based shipping but this has it's own set of problems.  Some items have to be 2nd Day or overnight so I have set up dozens of variations of shipping with weights like "2002, 3002, 4008" etc... to signify that these are 2nd day or overnight items.  This is not only unruly but complete insane especially as our product base grows.  We are also finding that using multiples of an item to calculate flat shipping rate winds up costing the customer way too much if there is a large amount of a single item, but in reverse, if there is a small amount from different vendors it winds up costing us and we lose money.    

Possible Solutions:  One solution would be to have the ability to treat the different vendors (or as we have it set up as "collections") like Etsy treats them and have separate checkouts for each vendor.

Since I highly doubt that will happen, is there a developer that can create a javascript or something that can live on the product page that can do the following:


- "Behind the Scenes"

- Enter a shipfrom zip code.

- Shipping Service available for product (ground, 2 day, etc...)

- A "grid" of weights per quantity (1 item = 2lbs, 2 items = 3lbs, etc...)

- Ability to check if products are in same "Collection"

- Communicate with UPS API

- Add a predetermined percentage on ship rates.


- "Customer View"

- They select which service to use (if available)

- They enter a shipto zipcode to access shipping costs.

- Ship costs either wind up in "Shipping" or as separate line item in checkout.


I know this is a lot to ask.  There may never be a 100% perfect solution but we need something done so we don't scare the customer off and we make a profit.  Our UPS rates make it possible to do that, we just need the ability and flexibility within Shopify to use them properly.

If not, we have to start looking for another solution outside of Shopify.



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By the way, why would you hav the ability to italicize copy but not have it show up in the actual thread when published?  Only Bolding shows.


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Hi Jeremy,


I see your problem and you are not alone. There is really no easy way to do what you described. But I would like to give it a try. We are working on an application that solves of the shipping problems we have encountered. I think it is possible to add separate shipping lines for items coming from different vendors with some javascript magic. This will also mean shortcircuiting default Shopify shipping behaviour so a custom logic can be injected.

Can we exchange details to further the discussion. You can send me an email.

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I am also looking for custom shipping as we ship some items USPS and some FedEx. We would not want to charge someone $150 for a shipping cost that may be $50 through USPS.We do not give our customers a choice as to which client we use because for our bigger ticket items, we like to use FedEx for security.


Thank you

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Hey Jeremy,
Were you able to get your consignment model to work with Shopify? I also used to run a consignment store and found it hard to manage many of things you listed. I eventually gave up, and decided to build my own platform focused on fixing the problem facing consignment business like yours. 
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I see that your post is several years old....did you ever find a solution?  HOw do your vendors get their shipping labels?