Force a shipping option based on the payment option? Afterpay requires tracking but not all customers select the tracked option!

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Hi all!
I'm setting up Afterpay on my website and afterpay requires that you post with tracking (and also with larger orders I prefer to ship with tracking anyway) and was wondering if there was a way to require that if the customer is paying with Afterpay that they select the tracked shipping option (rather than the cheaper untracked shipping) ?

Cheers, Nicola


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Hey Nicola! 

Trevor the Guru here!

Sadly this wouldn't be possible as the checkout is something we restrict access to editing to ensure that it stays PCI compliant.

You could look into removing the untracked options or look into using another courier that could offer you competitive shipping rates with tracking capabilities. Adding tracking to every order that comes in does add to the customer satisfaction, as well as helps with reducing the chance of a chargeback as customers are less likely to open a dispute if they receive tracking information. While the higher rates may be a bit of a deterrent for some customers,  it does benefit you and your business in the long run!

If there's anything else I can help with please don't hesitate to reply back and I'll happily help out!

All the best, 

Trevor M
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