Free Amazon MCF Shipping for Orders Over $X?

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I'd like to offer free shipping on my website for orders over $75. I'm using Amazon MCF for shipping, and according to Shopify's tutorial I therefore must set shipping tiers by weight. Can I also add a price based cost that replaces one of the options if a certain order total is met?

To be more specific: I have 3 weight based tiers all available for 0-25lb orders--"Standard Shipping" @ $5.85, "Priority Shipping" @ $8.35, and "Expedited Shipping" @ $13.85. If I also specify a FREE price based tier for orders > $75, will a buyer with > $75 in their cart see "Standard Shipping" @ FREE instead of my $5.85 weight based price? Will this solution interfere with Amazon's fulfillment even though I'm keeping their shipping tier naming conventions? If so, has anyone had success with other solutions? Thanks for any help or insights.

- Jay