Free Shipping over certain amount unless over weight

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Hi There,

We have shipping setup to charge £7.75 for orders less than £60 and free for orders over that amount, but we would like to remove the free shipping option if the weight is over a certain amount, this is because we stock a number of items that are low value / high weight items and if a customer orders a large quantity of these our shipping costs are considerably higher making the free shipping unviable.

very often a customer will have a mix of standard items and heavier items. All the heavier items weigh 1kg so we would like it where if an order is over £60 and the weight is less than 16kg shipping is free, however if under £60 and under 16kg the shipping is charge at £7.75. However if the order is over 16kg regardless of value we would like to charge £14, and if over 30kg charge £21 this is regardless of order value being higher or lower than £60.

No matter how I play around with profiles and ratesI simply can't get this to work?


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I'd like to know if you were able to resolve this. I have a store I need to achieve the same result but I can't.

Thank you