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I'm moving my store over from 3dcart and there's one issue that i really can't figure out and that's how to offer free shipping on one or more particular products...I've got the real time carrier option added..I've tried better shipping, advanced shipping...nothing seems to work properly....Here's a scenerio...I have a low cost item that i can ship by letter for about $1.80 canadian...So i build that cost into the product and offer free shipping....All the apps i've tried seem to work with this case except if someting else is added to the cart...In that case the free shipping is still there.   With 3dcart this was super easy, just click off a box in the product page for free shipping and that was it..if something else was added, real time shipping rates appeared and free shipping disappeared....Im going crazy with this as its a huge deal breaker for me and would cause all kinds of logistical nightmares and lost sales if i can't get this funtionality to work.please help!!..thanks!~

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Hi John,

I'm not familiar with the entirety of settings offered by those apps, but here is a guru's perspective. :)

The easiest way to offer product-specific free shipping is to strategically manipulate the weights of these products in accordance with a weight-based rate.

For example, let's say I want to offer free shipping on my "Awesome Scarf" product, but only when it's purchased alone (or with other free shipping items). I can set my Scarf's weight to 0lb and also create a weight-based rate (with free shipping) like so:

Taking into account that my default saved package weight is added to the order, I'll also set this to 0lb.

Now my Awesome Scarf will trigger free shipping. If I make other products weigh 0lb, the same rate will trigger if purchased separately or together. Once any product with a weight greater than 0lb is added the order's weight range no longer qualifies, so my paid shipping rates are offered instead.

Since this workaround relies on eliminating your saved package weight, you may want to add a price adjustment to your calculated rates to consider this, or install an app like Boxify and also make your packages product-specific.


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The app we develop, Advanced Shipping Rules, allows you configure different rates for different groups of products that then get combined intelligently at checkout for your customer. 

So this means you can set-up some prodcuts to ship free always, and other products based on carrier or table rates. 

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what if a customer order that item then added more items that are not free shipping.

These are the things that I regret moving to Shopify. 3dcart has all these features in a basic plan together with all types of discount options.

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Grant, probably would have been nice to mention that this Shopify App (Parcelify) only works with Advanced Plans.

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Hi, I have the same issue. I offer free shipping to some products because I can't offer paid fast shipping for them. So I can't have them in the same profile as my other products that offer fast/express shipping. I tried doing the free shipping on 0 lb items.


Warehouse 1

Two available shipping methods:

 - Free (.1 lb to 256lb) ---> I want to offer this to all products.

 - Paid Express (.1 lb to .89 lb... etc.) ---> price goes higher depending on how much weight


Warehouse 2

 - Free (0 lb to 0 lb) --> I made sure that all products from warehouse 2 free shipping have 0 lb for weight.


When I tried ordering product/s from Warehouse 1, both shipping methods -- Free Standard Shipping and Paid Express -- appeared, awesome!

When I tried ordering a product from Warehouse 2, only Free Standard Shipping appeared, which is great, because that's what I want!


However, when I tried combining products from these two warehouses, only "Free Shipping" appeared. I did not even set up "Free Shipping" as title in any of my options. I only had "Free Standard Shipping". I am wondering where "Free Shipping" came from. Did coming from different warehouses have something to do with this?


Thank you!

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OR.... Shopify could make it super simple and have a checkbox for free shipping as we are adding and editing each product like every other platform I've ever used. Shopify is so great in so many ways but makes things like this complicated when it doesn't really need to be. 



Based on your setup and the fact that Shopify blends rates based on name, the rate name should remain as 'Free Standard Shipping'. It is technically possible that if the rate in a cart is $0 that they change the name to 'Free Shipping', but it sounds like this is a Shopify glitch. I recommend reaching out to their support team to take a look into your account.


Warm regards,


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I did this, and it still offers free shipping on the total order any time someone adds that particular item (a physical gift card) to their cart. I have to remove gift cards from my site now, because I can't afford to ship parcels for free.


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This is super weird that a cart this popular doesn't do this.