Free shipping not applied for some reason?

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I recently opened my first store, and I got a few add to cart and reached checkout, but no orders yet. So I investigated, and I noticed that my customers are still getting charged for shipping for some reason? I added one example of customer from California, I picked E-packet for USA in Oberlo, and when I tried Test checkout myself, it seemed OK and with free shipping.

I don´t understand why he should be paying almost 20$, and if he realy should pay that, I totally understand why he didn´t buy it, if I´m offering free shipping... I also added picture of the shipping choices for USA that are on AliExpress page of the product. 


I also changed now the settings for shipping zones in Shopify for worldwide, free, so I think it should work now, but it still bothers me why would he need to pay 20$ for shipping to USA...

The store is:

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I am also new to shopify - launching my first store end of march. Awesome looking store - I just ran through to check out and it is saying free shipping so looks like you got that all figured out. 
As for shipping prices, it seems that suppliers in China have jacked up the shipping prices within the last week. When I opened my store they were all free via epacket or ali express standard shipping and now most have jumped up to $20 shipping charges. It seems a lot of suppliers have increased their shipping prices instead of increasing product prices. I am just on the cusp of putting my store on hold as I received a bunch of orders and now have to pay the shipping.. leaving very low cost margin or just breaking even. Also just another heads up which I have found is that epacket is very slow right now as epacket uses passenger planes to transport parcels, the best bet for shipping right now is aliexpress standard shipping.
Hopefully the shipping levels out soon, there are still some suppliers that are offering free shipping so may need to find a different supplier. 

Also, don't forget to set up your abandoned cart emails to send automatically - done in the shopify settings. You can also customize your email that is sent to potential customers.
Good luck hope that clarifies a few things.