Freight Calculation based on weight intervals

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Hi there. My transport company charges me per kg of shipped weight based on weight intervals. For example parcel that weighs between 0 and 50kg will have a rate of $8 p/kg and parcel that weighs 51-100kg will have a rate of $6 p/kg. Thus parcel weighing 50kg will cost $400 to ship while parcel weiging 51kg will cost $306 to ship. I cannot locate an App that can do such calculation. Any suggestions how this can be implemented? I'm not shipping with DHL or UPS or FedEx so my webstore cannot fetch a predefined data from the carriers.

Thank you for any help I can get!


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Hello Mike,

I haven't used this app fopr real, but have you looked at Advanced Shipping Rules? I just installed it in a test store and it looks like it could do what you want.

However, be aware of this:

"Carrier Calculated Rates" Feature Is Required

In order to use this or any other shipping rates app, you must enable the Carrier Calculated Rates feature to your shop.

  • Upgrade your account to Shopify Advanced or Shopify PLUS
  • OR switch to yearly billing and Shopify will add this feature at no additional cost.
  • OR add the feature for an additional $20/month to any Shopfiy plan
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Hey Mike,

You can easily do this on our shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping. You’ll want to follow this tutorial and set ‘Calculate Shipping Based On’ to Combined Weight. Under ‘Shipping Costs’, you’ll input:

Up To: 50   Shipping Cost: 8    Per Unit:1
Up To: 100 Shipping Cost:   Per Unit:1

and then follow the same format for any additional weight/price ranges your transport company charges. 

To test your setup before making it live in your store, use customer name Intuitive Shipping at checkout to trigger the rates to appear. 

As Todd noted above, with all third-party shipping calculation apps you’ll need Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled. You can contact Shopify to have this added to your plan. If you switch to annual billing, you’ll get the feature added for free and also save 10% on your Shopify subscription.

Please reach out if you need any assistance getting set up!

Warm regards

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This can be achieved using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app where you will be able to define rate/kg for a certain range. So 51-100kg can be set with $6/kg.

Similary, a different range can be set with another pricing per kg. This can be achieved with automation rules that needs to be configured inside the app.


Note : You can use this along with shipping quotes from carriers using the app. Do remember to enabled carrier calculated rates for getting carrier rates at checkout.

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