Frustrated: USPS Always Loses Some of My Packages

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Does anyone else have trouble w/ USPS consistently losing customer's packages?

Out of every 25 orders I ship by First Class mail w/ USPS, a mail carrier loses one of the packages.

Its absolutely infuriating... most of my frustriation comes from dealing w/ the poor customer at most USPS locations. I either can't get through to anyone on the phone or if I do, I am promised a call-back, and 95% of the time, do not receive one.

Its proven to be a waste of my time to track down the lost packages because having to coordinate with their incompetent employees can span a couple of days. After finding this out for myself, I've stopped calling USPS to track down the package, and I just ship the customer a replacement right away.

I'm sure that most other business owners who ship with USPS have to deal with this also...

What's been your solution?

I've considered hiring a virtual ass'tant to track down the packages... the problem is that the in most cases, due to the average order total of orders on my website, hiring a virtual ass'tant in the US just wouldn't be prudent.


What are your thoughts?

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Are you not using insurance? If yes, is this because of the extra cost?


Ideally insurance should prevent losses for you. Also, going with an additional pvt carrier and shipping vulnerable or high valued items with it should be a right way to approach this. You can identify certain locations and certain items which would require the private carrier and automate the solution to use it based on these factors. And keep USPS for basic shipping. Maybe with insurance. All this can be achieved with a solution that gives you flexibility to use insurance as well as handle multiple carriers and choose carrier based on zones and product type. You can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label for it.

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