Fulfilling an order that has a product fulfilled via oberlo and a product fulfilled via Agent

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I'm having a doubt that I need to take before I do what I'm thinking of doing.


I have a store that sells a product that is fulfilled via Oberlo (aliexpress) and also sells a product that is fulfilled by a dropshipping agent directly.

My question is if a customer buys in the same order the product that is fulfilled via oberlo and the product that is fulfilled via dropshipping agent how shopify deal with it?

I know that the products are going in 2 different packets, but do I have 2 tracking numbers? It's only one order, it is possible to have 2 tracking numbers?

It is even possible to have this scenario? Does oberlo recognize only the product that is will be fulfilled by them?

If anyone could give me an answer.


Best regards.



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Hi @ncabral 


Paula here from Shopify. That's a great question!


Because you have products that are sourced and fulfilled by different dropshipping apps, all you need to do is go to app's internal dashboard and purchase the item from the supplier. Basically, the integration will recognise each product and it should sync automatically to their own app internal dashboard.


In regards to tracking numbers, because you have products that are dealt with different dropshippers you will see different packages and different tracking numbers. You should see tracking numbers in each app in the corresponding order ID. The dropshippers send these once the tracking IDs become available to them from the shipping carriers a day or two later.


After placing an order, it syncs automatically and orders will be marked as fulfilled. Then, if you need to add multiple tracking numbers for the same order, you can do it manually.


1) Go to your order, then select "Add tracking".
2) Change the quantity of the item you want to add a tracking number to 1, then the other two items to 0.


3) Click Save once the tracking information has been added. After that, you can go back in and do the same thing to the others items. Those tracking numbers will appear on the order status page.


For more information, have a look into these help documents:



I hope that clarifies.


All the best, Paula

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