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I am new in dropshipping and I have a trouble with one order.
Somebody from Hong Kong bought my product but I can't fulfill it. I fulfill trhrought Aliexpress and I have Name, Country (Hong Kong), adress (14/F K11 Atelier, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui - I don't know if it is full adress or copy inly something from it), city (it is hong kong as well, but when I copy it to city it worte me Enter city. It is like I didn't write anyting as city), I have province (kownloon, but it looks ok) I have no mobile number and ZIP number, it just isn't there and system want from me mobile and ZIP number but I can't do nothing. When I was fulfilling previous order I don't rimmemner there wanted from me some mobile phone number and there wasn't any as well.

I hope I explain my problem and you can understand me.
Please help me.

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DONT publish customer data in public spaces, please edit your post to remove it


You need to contact the customer ask them for additional details to meet the mailing address requirements

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