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How can we generate a simple fulfillment request email to be sent to our supplier with the order details once I mark an order as fulfilled? We set up a fulfillment service (on the Shipping screen) and a location but no email is being sent. Are we missing a step? We do not require automation or exchange of information, we only want to notify the supplier of an order they need to fulfill by email.

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If you dropshipping from Aliexpress you can use Oberlo for order fulfillment automation, if you dropshipping from China 1688 or taobao then find a Chinese agent to help you fulfill the order, they will help you upload tracking and tick the email notification to clients once the orders fulfilled.

China dropshipping fulfillment agent alex.shawn@outlook.com 86deal.com
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I may be late in replying, but this will be useful.


We have an app called Auto Fulfill which does order management and Automatic fulfillment.

Using Auto Fulfill, you can select the products you want in a task, so whenever a customer places an order, an order notification email will be sent to your vendor of the product you have selected in the task

The email notification consists of order details along with the link in which the vendor can update the tracking numbers, so the orders get fulfilled automatically in Shopify based on the schedule you set.

Here is the link: https://apps.shopify.com/auto-fulfill?


Hey guys,

    We're a little late here but our app, EZ Fulfill, should be able to help as well.  You can update your orders tracking numbers via CSV file and have an email notification sent to your customer on update.  The email will have the customers tracking information.  You can also automate the process using our scheduler which will allow you to pull the CSV files from an FTP/SFTP server or from Dropbox.


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