Fulfillment + Shipping Fee

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Hi, I am new to shopify. I have recently just setup my website. Currently I am running a fresh produce store virtually with a transit hub.


As for order fulfillment, I am planning to use it to dispatch my orders and my suppliers will transfer the goods directly with to the hub. There wont be any shipping fee as they will be using their own lorry or van for delivery.


Recently I started using fulfillment function and found out that there's double charge on my clients for the shipping fee.

For example, I had set a few stages of delivery.

MYR 50 and below will be charged MYR 10 for shipping fee

MYR 100 for MYR 5 shipping fee and

MYR 150 and above will be free shipping.


The problem is here. Since I am a fresh produce store, I will receive my supplies from a few different suppliers.

Last night, I setup the fulfillment for Pork and today my clients came to me and mentioned that they were charged double of the shipping fee. (1 from my store, another from the fulfillment order).


Is there any possible method to remove the shipping fee fulfillment charges from my suppliers?


Next question will be, since I am a hub, the shipping fee will be charged on my client only once, thats when all goods had arrived from different suppliers and dispatch out from my hub to the local clients. I would like to charge only once shipping fee on my client on the total amount of purchase from my store.