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We are amazing satisfied with your system and day by day we are getting stronger;

However we have got a big problem due to Garanti Bank INC representing you in Turkey. The only negative side in your e-commerce system is - actually many of people can not prefer it just because of the virtual post system of Garanti Bank . Their principle of holding the debit inside is so huge and if e-commerce systems are the ones who would like to valued customers that should not be that way.

Here our problem is

We have got a start - up located in Turkey and has grown up %2339 within 3 years and perhaps there are several companies in Turkey like us. There is a huge sector in e-trade site but many of people can’t use Shopify due to bank policies are extremely heavy and they can not dare to even grow up. I have spent my entire savings after Garanti Bank has hold my money in custody with 25 days. Garanti Bank’s extremely bad sides are below

1. They never pay your entire debit to you after 25 days.

2. You can get started to get your money in daily basis like 2500 Turkish Liras, 3000 Turkish Liras which means they divide the money and your entire savings can not be reached after 25 days. You have to be a huge company like hundred thousands cash on the other banks which means middle size e-commerce firms can never use your e-commerce system.

3. They are obviously using the advantage of being alone with Shopify in Turkey which many of e-commerce people would like to get, however the financial terror are so heavy and it is so hard to keep on.

Let me tell you the my start up a bit.

As a pHD owner and one of the famous influencers in the cosmetic market, I started this business with so less money and became very well-known one after 3 years while using Payu System. My e-commers structure has been scaled up and some of time out problems due to high traffic in the website was alot over normal values. I prefered Shopify cause one of my old clients was using it in the past and it was the best ever. You have got a shares in Wall Street and the system is very scalable.

Garanti Bank is using being alone in Shopify’s system clearly and you need to work with other banks for payments as well.

 recommend you to work with Isbank, Ziraat Bank, Yapi Kredi Bank, Vakifbank and also all of the banks should be opened to your system, otherwise Shopify will not be so big in Turkey and this elitist model will be in Garanti Bank’s arrogant system.

Are you obviously managed by Garanti Bank’s arrogant system? Or your brand and all your customers in Turkey deserve this ? If my question’s answer is yes, I am deeply sorry and we will have to make an urgent plan to change it. However my belief regarding your problem solving side is big.

I have coppied my system to Hamburg, Germany and found out my second company which is one of the biggest success and challenges being in Europe. Our second shop is also use the Shopify System and our online store will be active from this month. I am planning to open up many stores in Europe and also in United States however Turkey is in a big handicap with this Garanti Bank issue.


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Hello Shopify,

I am really, let me call it, surprised. I can't even imagine that there is only one bank you're working with over there? I mean, if i imagine it would be the same over here in germany... What would happen if this bank crashes and all money would be gone? What would a company do then?

It seems like there is a huge risk to get a company completely damaged only because of this. 

At least I used your system many times before in germany and know many ppl using it. There never have been any problems yet. Balasu is completely right here and I hope there will be a short and easy solution, so you may help her out. At least, this could be a very important notice to public.

But I am sure, there will be a solution. 

Regards from Germany,