[GER] Adding tracking for DHL Paket

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Hi Shopify,

German customer here. I have a contract with DHL for their product "Paket". When trying to add the tracking code provided by DHL-Paket to my shipment, the only options I get in the dropdown are "DHL Ecommerce" and "DHL express", wich are both not the right tracking services for the number I have. That means I do not have the possibility to add tracking to my order confirmation. DHL Paket is the most common DHL product used here, when will we be able to use this natively through shopify?



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Hi there Niklas!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for reaching out here on our merchant forums to let us know about this. :)

I'm going to file a feature request with our developer team for you now to let them know about this requirement. 

We rely on feedback like this from our merchant community to know what we need to look into adding to future builds of the platform so thanks again for taking the time to post about this. 

Best of luck with everything in your store and let us know when you need us!



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Hi John,

I have exactly the same problem as Niklas.

Is there an easy solution to chnage the notifcations and link it to the right shipment provider?


Many thanks



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You can check out the Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify app. Once you have the DHL paket account credentials and API keys, the integration with DHL paket can be easily done in the app. 

Once this is done, you will be able to automate your tracking process. The app automatically sends the tracking notification to your customers regarding the package. Also, you get an integrated tracking lookup page, by which your customers can track their product from your store.

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Hi Niklas,


You can not just track shipment for DHL Paket but also fulfil your orders right from within Shopify using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app. You would just require the Account Number, User ID and Password to start using your own account for label generation. Once the labels are generated, your customers will be automatic real time tracking updates from the app.

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