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Which of the Shopify third-party payment gateways accepts both of these? I’ve applied for 2checkout, but it appears to have taken quite awhile! (2 weeks) to get my account approved.
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Hi, @subnetix !


Katy here from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out here - it's definitely great to get the opinions and experience from our community members on this.


I'm sorry to hear that you have been left awaiting for approval, though each gateway will have their own terms of service and processes when reviewing accounts. Depending on the time frame their own support team had initially advised to you, it may be worth following up with them, to see if they have an update for you.


For the items that you are planning on selling, I also suggest that you reach out to the following services:



Other than this, what I would suggest is to select a gateway based on your own location/ the location your business will be operating from. This is necessary when selling via Shopify, as not all gateways available are the same per each individual country. We have a handy resource here to help you select gateways based on this.  From here I suggest to reach out to each gateway listed on your country page, and explain the details of your business, and the specifics of the items that you plan to sell.



I hope this helps, though I'm sure some of our community members can chime in here based on their own experiences.




Katy | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey! We can get you set-up -  Great seamless integration with Shopify!



We are a direct partner with two domestic CBD processing solutions and one international. If you are still looking for payment solutions, please let me know. We can offer all cards, isolate, potentially flower if eligible, and many other great features. This is not greenbox or offshore.


Jason Lee


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Hi @subnetix,

Please refer to this link which will answer questions related to selling CBD products outside of the United States.

TyW | Community Manager @ Shopify
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@TyW your link is US only. Do you have a similar guide for Europe/Germany, please?


If you are looking for CBD/Vape solutions on Shopify, it's going to depend on what the CBD products are. 


We have two solutions that can do both. One however, does not work with Shopify at the moment.

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Hi everyone


I have to share my experience with eMerchant Broker (EMB) as it is one of the companies featured on Shopify's CBD landing page. Wow. Just WOW!

I did sign up on their website, filled out the form and I presumed my passwords were confidential, protected. Upon submitting the form I was contacted by one of the sales executives and after exchanging a few emails I found out the services this company offers were too expensive. There are better and cheaper alternatives.

I received a bunch of follow-up emails, which in my book could be perceived aggressive. But I was stunned when in the last email I received both my login email and my password was mentioned! This email came from the address of the account executive and basically said should I wish to continue with the registration process, I should use this login. 

This is a clear violation of EVERYTHING. This should not happen! I'm quite busy doing actual business, but I'm planning on researching where to complain. I believe such a company should be stripped off any and all compliance certifications.


I strongly advise against working with them and I hope Shopify makes sure everything is as it should be. I was referred to EMB both via Shopify landing page and by a Shopify guru after all. A lesson for me is never to work with dubious companies, and this one looked somewhat shady from the very first minute..