Give full refund for late delivery?

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I have a package that is late for one of my customers in Mexico the tracking site shows that the package is prior to customs for a long time now, so I am assuming that the package is being held in customs, the delivery time has passed the maximum time I have given on my store. However, I clearly state in my policy that "all our shipping times are guidelines only and specific delivery dates are not guaranteed".


My question is, am I obligated to give a full refund in this situation? I have tried to convince the customer to wait a little more time for the package but, he insists on a full refund... should I avoid a potential PayPal dispute and just give the money back?


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Hey there, @OMC 


Thanks for reaching out today and this is q great question. As the business owner, you ultimately have the final say in how you handle your customers' requests for a refund.


The other component is the chargeback situation that could arise. In your situation, it may be better off to honor their request and give them a refund/discount on the order to maintain a positive relationship with the customer. Otherwise, you could lose the customer's business and they wind up winning a chargeback in which you would lose the sale anyways.


At the end of the day, it is your call. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



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Hi, OMC,


Paypal stands on buyer's side, and buyer usually win the case easily. So..


What done is done. You should focus on the future. I suggest you use trackingmore app.


It will track all tracking numbers 24*7 hours for you. And if a package was last, damaged, custom hold, it will send emails to you or custoemr. So you or buyer can fix the problem before it gone too far.



Hi @OMC @earth9 
Like earth9 said, Paypal is a more customer-oriented payment company. Even though your policy clearly stated the delivery time is not guaranteed. The customer can still claim chargeback with his bank. You can claim your money back with PayPal, and most likely will be a long process with unpleasant outcomes. 
Most of the E-commence will try to avoid the chargeback as much as they can because payment company especially PayPal can shut your account without any notification. 

In this kind of cases, professional advice should be given by your Payment solution company. Clearly, Paypal may not be the best option in terms of this. anyway, suggest you can get a payment solution company. Shopify have a list of partner payment solution company. and Oceanpayment is one of them, we have 7/24 online support of how to deal with things like this and minimize the chargeback rate and more. BTW we are much more economic than paypal. 
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