Global sales network. Local Currencies, Local-ish 3PL's, Local Language.

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I've gone down the rabbit hole, and have not seen light in days. 

I have a goal, Sell internationally while cutting out brand damaging profit eating distributors.

I have read so many atricles that make sence to me, but now I have read so many that im getting conflicting information.

The goal in bullets

  • 3PL in Australia

Supplies OZ an NZ accepting AUD and NZD, in English.

  • 3PL in Europe

Supplies UK and all of Europe accpeting GBP and Euros, in English, French, and German.

  • 3PL in USA

Supplies USA and Canada, acceping USD and CAD in English.

  • All sales shipping from the 3PL in the USA need to be settled and taxed to an American bank account regesterd to an American Subsidiary Company. 
  • All sales shipping from the EU and AUS 3PL need to be settled and taxed to my MFG parent company in Taiwan. 

Now that I have been fully confised I no longer know where to start. 

I was going to open 1 shopify account for each currency, and connect them to subdomains and offer translations to the EU store via langify. The appropriate 3PL would be linked to the sites for shipping and 2 paypal accounts would be linked to the approprate webstores to settle the payment. 


Ive read I need registered business in each country to accept payments in local currencys.

Ive read I pay import taxes when the 3PL receives the goods, And inversely that they  act as shipping consignee and that I can have the customer pay international import fees from the CO when they receive the product or I can absorb that cost for a seamless localized purchasing experience.

Ive read one store for each currancy is best, Iv read 1 account can to all of this but somehow seems not realistic for larger than etsy sized sellers.

What do I do? Anyone have incite, solutions, or links to current and accurate articles?



My spelling=trash. Sorry.


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The way I have things set up right now is by storing all my products will a fulfillment company. I'm using for all my orders. As an order comes in they will get it in real-time and ship it out the same day. The money goes through stripe to my US bank acct which I through my corporation. Then I am just paying tax quarterly in the US.