Goods shipped then shipment cancelled ??

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Hi All,

I am currently dropshipping through Oberlo using several suppliers. I have only just started my store in the last few months. I placed a test order with one of my suppliers & the order did take longer than expected to arrive but was hoping it was a "one off" thing. Then a customer placed an order (only my 3rd order since commencing) for products from this supplier on the 15th November. The order was confirmed by the supplier on the same day & on the 23rd November, shipping had been confirmed. Then on the 25th November, I received a notification from Oberlo that the product was gone from the supplier.  So I check the tracking & discover the shipment was cancelled, so I sent a message to the supplier, who seem to very rarely check their messages, & was told they were going to check with the post office.  Since then, communication has been near on impossible. I have asked them for a refund but that was 2 days ago & have heard nothing. I can't open a dispute until the product has been shipped !!

So my question is, is this a common scenario with dropshipping ? I just don't understand how a product can be in stock & shipped to all of a sudden be cancelled. Not a very good experience for someone just starting out.