Got a high risk of fraud order looking for guidance

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Hello everyone,


I woke up today to my 4th order and it was for my most expensive item, a gaming chair. Huzzah! The profit margin is huge on this bad boy! However, it was flagged for a high risk of fraud due to the following reasons:

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 8.47.18 AM.png

When I look at the credit cards that were attempted the names are all different except the last two and none of them match the name associated with the order. There is no phone number to call but I did reach out via email and the person confirmed all order information very quickly. 


Can I accept the payment and hold out on delivering a few days to ensure there is no charge back? Should I simply not accept the order? My Shopify stores are my main source of income during this COVID-19 event and really could use the profit. 


Thanks in advance!




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Hi Eddiemull311,


Congrats on your 4th order!


I'm sorry we didn't see your post a few days ago as I'm sure you needed to make a decision on your attempted purchase.  


Fraud is a tricky beast for sure!  


There are so many factors to consider and this is a great example of how something gets flagged in trying to decipher whether it is a valid sale or not.  


Many of the things you mention are suspect in and of themselves, but in reality the last thing anyone wants to do is decline a good order as the impact can be much greater and long term than taking on the risk.  


I do not have an answer for you as there are missing factors to consider.  It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t get in touch over the phone, that’s one thing I would have suggested, for sure.  That could give you additional information.  


Another thing that we would consider here at ClearSale is to look at that customer's shopping history if any (even across other merchants).  We would also use other 3rd party verification tools to look at the email itself as well as confirming the person lives where they are shipping.  


Of course, this gets even more complex when you add in the fact they are ordering and shipping from a different country. There are nuances to each country such as unwillingness to give up certain information, or different processes to check out such as using a specific shopper ID (as in Brazil) that need to be considered on a location by location basis as well.  


Fraud is not always a cut and dried answer so this can be challenging for sure.  If you would like to discuss in more detail we'd be happy to do so.


Have a great day :)




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