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Hello Community,


We're fulfilling through a 3PL which heavily discounts our pick-and-pack fee if I can group like-orders.


We have 10-20 products sold at any given time and customers can buy anywhere from quantity 1 to 4 of each product. The potential combinations are in the thousands.


I'm wondering if anyone knows a program that can bundle/batch/group like-orders. I'm talking EXACTLY the same orders, both line-item skus and quantities.


Your help is appreciated!

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Hi AaronZMG!


You're definitely correct to observe that 3PLs heavily discount your fees when you kit items in advance.


Just to make sure I understand the question, are you wanting to:

  1. Find a handful of commonly bundled item/quantity combinations so that you can kit them in advance, or
  2. Identify all possible item/quantity bundles and kit them in advance


Let me know which one sounds right and I'm sure there's some great data analytics software / an Excel macro that can help you get started.

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The fulfillment company im using does not charge any pick pack fees. All they charge is shipping for each order. They are if you want to check them out. They are the best option that I have found so far.