HELP! Shopify is doubling my shipping

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Hello, I have two sites, it seems like sometimes it charges tax, sometimes no shipping, no tax and I think if they choose Paypal or Amazon right when it pops up it does not add shipping.  Is there a workaround on this or settings?  Thanks


For all of the merchants facing the doubling issue, please keep in mind that locations are only helpful if you have multiple locations that sell the same inventory. I.e., Store A sells has the same inventory as Store B, and you ship from the closet location or whatever has all of the items in stock. If multiple locations need to be used to fulfill an order, Shopify assumes you want to charge for each shipment (since you are doubling your shipping cost by making 2 shipments to the customer). 

If you're using locations for multiple dropshippers and therefore need to charge different shipping costs based on how your vendor charges you, locations will cause issues with this. You should create a separate shipping profile for each of your vendors. Keep in mind that shipping rules (i.e. weight or price tiers) don't work with profiles since Shopify uses the cart weight or total, not the profile weight or total if there are any rule sets assigned. Only flat rates will blend (combine into one final shipping cost) properly using Profiles. If your vendors charge for shipping with any rules/tiers, you can use an app like the one we built, Intuitive Shipping, to calculate the right shipping cost at checkout. 


@AaronPodell, quick checkout options like Paypal express can sometimes cause rating issues at checkout. It's hit or miss, unfortunately. Regarding taxes, this would likely be something in the tax settings in your store. 


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I really don't understand why Shopify wants to make this so confusing. I want to set up flat rate shipping for my store, based on cart total, regardless where the product comes from. However, there does not seem to be a way to do this utilizing multiple POD/drop-shippers? What the hell? None of the solutions listed here actually answer this simple need.


If I set the same flat rates in the General Settings, as well as for the two (in this case) POD suppliers...the customer will ALWAYS  be charged double. If no rates are added for the POD suppliers then the customer cannot purchase them at all!!! Ridiculous!


Has anyone an actual solution?

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Still no solution for my Shopify store and the support team is infantilising me further by assuming I use it for dropshipping. I have some things in the warehouse (dry stock) and some in my home (live houseplants). I cannot keep the plants at the warehouse, they would die. People often order a pot and a plant together. I have calculated my shipping costs based on this. It is infuriating that they are assuming we are incapable of basic maths. I am sure this wasn't an issue when I last had my shop open so definitely not in July 2019. I don't have huge amounts of margin to play with and this seems like a very insane thing to add another cost for in teh shape of a paid app.

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@Tira wrote:

Hi, @Merje_Shaw.


Tira here, from Shopify.


I'm happy to help. If you're using Shipping Profiles and have activated multi-origin shipping (where you can ship from more than one location), the rates will be added together at checkout. 


If you would like to have a flat rate on shipping, you'll need to change to single-origin shipping. You're correct that we used to have shipping rates at checkout that did not combine rates. Single-origin shipping is when shipping rates are based on one shipping origin address, which would be exactly the way they were before Shipping Profiles were introduced with multi-origin shipping. 


If you've opted for multi-origin shipping (check out our help doc here for the steps: Activate multi-origin shipping), you won't be able to reverse this from the Shopify admin. I understand that this is important to your business, so I would like to take a look at your store to see what options are available. 


To make it easier for you, I've sent an email to the email address listed in your profile. Could you please check your inbox? 

Once I have a reply from you, I can take a look. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 

I'm pretty sure you are right in that it's the multi-origin shipping that has caused the issue. I am getting nowhere with the ticket you opened as it was not opened with the shop email and no matter how many times I respond with the shop email, no-one will agree to discuss the actual issue with me. As you say it is impossible to reverse the multi-origin shipping, what can I do? This seems like an unnecessarily risky feature to implement if there is no way to reverse it. I'd hope that the product manager in charge of this is reviewing the approach.

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After multiple calls and emails back and forth, I am getting nowhere. There is no way to add a notice to checkout to let customers know I'd refund any double costs. This is getting quite silly and makes me really worry about growing my store on this platform. Please help.

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I'm shipping from 2 different drop shippers, but want to charge a flat shipping rate on my store. If I only have one origin shipping, clients can't order anything from the other drop shipper.  IF I have two-origin shipping, Shopify doubles my flat rate. IS there a fix for this? Can I get help?


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I have the same issue. Has anyone managed to resolve it? It's crazy that we can't go back to a flat rate shipping for all locations and especially the apps!

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Having the same issue! The fact that this is so complicated is absurd. I just want to charge one shipping price!

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Same issue here.

At the moment, I am refunding people half the Shipping fee on a regular basis. Not ideal.