HELP! Shopify is doubling my shipping

Hi all,

Here is what is working for me:

  • 2 locations - 1 shop & 1 fulfilment centre
  • Only enabled rates from primary location - the location with the most SKU's is the best option
  • Inventory management - Stocky allows me to choose locations and min/max stock at each location so this is not an issue
  • Shopify allows a single flat rate order to happen even if the stock is not available at primary location because it assumes you will do a stock transfer or just fulfil the order from the 2nd location. In a nutshell, Shopify just adds up the stock in each location for each SKU and allows customers to order it no matter where it is held. Once both locations were out of stock, the product variant also displayed out of stock.
  • When an order comes in, and as long as you have made the products available in the other location, change the fulfilment location within the order

It would appear that Shopify assumes you will carry out multi-location fulfilment in this way and only charges the single rate.

The only problem with this method is that you have to remember to change the fulfilment location to ensure your stock is correct at their respective locations... but I believe it would be wrong of Shopify to assume it knows where you actually fulfil the items without telling it.

So far this seems to be the way forward which allows inventory, ordering and flat rate shipping work together.

Hope this helps

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Just a note. 

I managed to find a work around as well. With 3 locations; 2 warehouses and 1 fulfilment centre. 

By only allowing shipping, local delivery or pick ups from one primary location then a blended rate works. Now my shipping rate is not doubled. 

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Hello Everyone, 

I had the same problem with this issue.  It was super stressful and I tried all the methods listed on this message board.  The best thing I can recommend is chatting with a representative on Shopify.  Rather than explaining the proper method, (the Shopify representatives are going to hate me for this, but they are much better at their job than I am) it's best to ask your Shopify representative the following question(s) ..

The key question to ask them is...

I have a customer who has numerous products in their cart from multiple (Made on Demand) locations.   How do I make sure when they reach checkout that they are offered a Fixed Flat Shipping Rate that doesn't change based on the number of products (from varying MOD partners) in their cart? 

Once that questions has been answered, you can work towards international shipping and free shipping rates.

Hope this helps and saves someone the time and stress of trying to figure it out on their own.