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dear Community

I need your help!

How do I replace the bank account details that my payments are being sent to when I don't know the current account details? 

A little while ago, out of the blue, I couldn't login to Shopify to manage my store until I re-entered my bank account details. The email I received directed me directly to enter the details again. So I did that, and all seemed well. The details were correct.

I have not had any sales through my store until 10 days ago. The payment should have arrived in my bank towards the end of last week, but did not and still has not. I have just looked again at my payments page in settings, and the bank account is ending in 2 digits which I do not recognise. 

I believe that your website has been hacked, that hackers are blocking access to stores and asking your stores to give them bank account details in order to change them somehow and diverting the money to their own bank account. 

Around the same time my bank changed my bank card, the one associated with this account, for suspected fraud. But I never use the card except to authenticate payments made by direct bank transfer, so it was all very odd. However, my bank must have recognised something suspicious. Now I know it is to do with Shopify.

Please stop all payments from my store to the fraudlent account and tell me how I can change it back to my account.

It is night here but I will be contacting the Department of Fraud in the UK via my bank tomorrow when the bank opens.

Thank you for your help.


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Hi, @Mary241!

I'm Miles from the Social Care team at Shopify. Thanks so much for flagging this with us. It certainly sounds like you've had a rough time with your payments and account, and I'd love to help rectify this for you.

Firstly, I'd like to unpack the issues you're facing so I can understand a little more about what issues you're facing.

Confirming Bank Account Details When Logging In
Shopify does not prompt you to confirm bank account details in order to access your store at all. If you received an email advising you to do this, please forward it to so our team can take a look and report any suspicious emails. Emails from Shopify will generally be sent from or addresses. If the email in question is not from one of this email addresses, please forward it to the team as per the above information. If you clicked any links in that email, I would suggest that you contact your bank to let them know your bank details may have been provided to an unknown source and they can put protections in place for you. It's important to note that spam emails (sometimes referred to as "phishing" emails) does not mean Shopify or your store has been hacked. I've received similar emails to this from scammers pretending to be from Netflix, banks and even Shopify. It's always best to err on the side of caution when you receive an email that seems suspicious and make sure it has come from the source. For future reference, Shopify will never ask for your personal details via email - unless you've contacted us about it first.

Incorrect Bank Account on your Shopify Admin
If the incorrect bank account is showing in your Shopify Account, and payouts are listed as "Paid", you'll need to contact Shopify Support ( for assistance. They will be best equipped to help you out with this as they'll be able to access your account and help you to alter in details you need assistance with. it sounds like the issue has spurred from your bank noticing suspicious activity and changing your bank card.

In summary, I would suggest you do the following:
* Forward the email to so we can investigate the source.
* Contact your bank to let them know what may have occurred.
* Contact Shopify's 24/7 support team for assistance in holding payouts and fixing up your bank details.

I appreciate you letting us know, and wish you all the best in getting this resolved with our great Support Advisors. Thanks!

Miles | Social Care @ Shopify 
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hello Miles

Thanks for reaching out.

I actually live chatted to someone after posting this thread here, and the accounts integrity team are going to contact me hopefully today.

The problem is that the email in question came from so I had no particular reason to suspect anything.  Maybe the person committing the fraud works for Shopify, I don't know.

There is a way to catch the fraudster though, which I am not prepared to share with you here of course, and I have contacted my local Police and we will start working on that strategy soon.

kind regards Mary