Handling US AND International orders using FBA and 2 Shopify stores

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I'm a US-based cycling shoe manufacturer looking for the best way to handle international sales & fulfillment. So far, here is the best strategy I have come up with - can someone tell me if this will work and if it is the best way?


I would use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and sign up for their Export program. I would create a subdomain for my store for international sales, so I would have velovetta.com for US sales and global.velovetta.com for non-US sales. I would have two shopify accounts, one for the US store, one for the global store. An IP re-direct would send all non-US IP addresses to global.velovetta.com


The two stores would be almost identical, except for the channel that they sell through. The US store would use my Online Store channel and deliver the orders to FBA to be fulfilled. My goal is for this to be done without the Amazon referral fee being charged. I know that the byte stand app can do this (https://apps.shopify.com/fba-shipping?ot=a4b0fa4d-0c09-4c75-9fa2-0f7b7b65f624&surface_detail=amazon+...) but would it be better just to set up Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment directly in Shopify following these instructions? https://apps.shopify.com/fba-shipping?ot=a4b0fa4d-0c09-4c75-9fa2-0f7b7b65f624&surface_detail=amazon+... Will doing it this way in Shopify still avoid referral fees?


The global.velovetta.com store would use the Amazon channel so that the orders would go through Amazon, and then FBA Export will fulfill them internationally, and collect their referral fee. (I just need to set up the Amazon sales channel, I do not need to use the Amazon app, right?)


Thank you so much for your help.

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So this is fairly complicated, but you can make it work.


As far as the referral fee goes, Amazon doesn't charge that for any MCF orders, no matter if you use the FBA Shipping app or Shopify or whatever else. If the order is placed outside of Amazon's marketplace, you didn't refer anyone to them. Therefore, no referral fee.


The problem with what you've described is that Amazon most likely won't ship your US-based products internationally when it comes to your Shopify orders, even if you sign up for the Export program. That's only for orders placed on Amazon, not MCF orders. This article explains all that and describes how you might be able to set things up.


If you call or email ByteStand, we can help walk you through setting this up. We've done this with a bunch of other stores and we're happy to help.

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Thanks for your response. I think I've found a good solution, not using FBA at all. I have a fulfillment partner with warehouses all over the world. To begin I'll keep inventory in the US, Canada and one warehouse in the EU and that way I can cover all that territory with no import taxes or duties for any customers. I'll be able to ship DDP to other regions, and expand my inventory to warehouses in other regions as we grow so that even more customers can get our products without import duties.