Handling of “failed” webhooks when payment already done through a different payment gateway

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We have integrated our payment gateway with Shopify.


We send webhooks to Shopify with the status “failed” upon expiration of checkout session on our end (30 mins after initiation).


We are experiencing this scenario:


Customer clicks on complete-order button in Shopify and is redirected to our Checkout page. Our checkout session has been initiated.


Customer closes the browser and opens the Shopify payment page again through email link OR goes back to Shopify payment page through the browser.


The customer then selects a different payment gateway or chooses cash on delivery option and completes the payment.

Now, our checkout session, which expires after 30 mins, sends the failed transaction webhook to Shopify. And even though the payment for the order was completed using a different payment mode, Shopify marks the order as failed when our webhook is received.


Kindly suggest how to determine on our end if payment has been completed through another payment mode so that we don’t send “failed” webhooks upon expiration.


Also, how does Shopify handle webhooks from multiple payment gateway for the same order?

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We are also facing the same issue with our payment gateway integration. Has there been a suggested solution to this?