Help! I don't have any payment methods!

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So I spent days researching and watching videos for shopify and I finally managed to make my shopify store. But now I got stuck because I found out that I am only able to buy but can't receive money from outside of the country. I live in Macedonia and this is what i get when i go to paypal and see avaliable payments and comparing it to US

This is where u can see the payment methods of any country

Shopify Payment-Stripe Is obviously not there.
I do have a PayPal account and I do have the PayPal Express Checkout payment method which i did link. Is Express Checkout something that will work with my country?
In "accept credit cards" option i have only 2Checkout for Macedonia and then a bunch of options in "Other", but I hear that it is impossible to get a 2Checkout when you just start out and they don't want drop shippers?

I noticed that Albania and Serbia which are my neighbouring countries have all the payment methods avaliable. My grandparents have citizenship in Serbia so maybe that can be an option if  link one of their cards, I have no idea how this would work?

If this is not enough information, I can can provide more.
So please, can someone help me with this problem or are there no options and no hope for me?

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Hi again Water!

Don from Shopify once again!

I think I have just replied to a later post of yours above, though I might be able to add some more info here based on what you've stated.

The first thing I'd like to share here is our list of all gateways available for use in the Republic of Macedonia in case you haven't already seen that.

It does look like 2Checkout is available here, though for any questions on the requirements and policies of third-party gateways like this you would need to reach out to 2Checkout support or PayPal support as they'd be the ones who know their company policies and can answer your questions.

One thing you might want to check out is to see if PayPal have any way for you to accept cards via the Express checkout in your region. I'm not sure if this would be possible though I want to present all possibilities and you will be able to confirm or deny this by checking in with PayPal directly.

All the best here!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi, I am from Croatia and today I've got the completely same problem as you had last year. Have you found a solution maybe? Or can you give me any advice about this please? 

Thank you!