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I currently have several suppliers that dropship but have not found the "one" that I want to do the majority of my business with. I have a Plus Size womens store and am having a triffeling time finding the right supplier that can meet these.

I'm OK with holding some inventory if the costs are OK.

I want a shipper that can process and ship outside of this epacket thing that take 20 days to get to my customer. Ideal ship time to customers under 10 days and does not cost an arm & leg.

Quality, quality, quality... AND AGAIN Quality products.

Products that arrive at my customers homes and don't smell like diapers.

My logo print on products.

Did I say Quality?

Would love North or South America Manufaturing- If cost is right.

Once again, I can hold inventory for the right cost and ship from my warehouse, but the majority of the variety out of droppshiping.

I guess, low cost fast movers from my warehouse and to expand variety and selection from droppshippers, that don't ship product that smells like diapers.


If you are this company or know someone that is please let me know!


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Hi Kevin,

 I know one team that maybe can match your request.

Their email:


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Hi Kevin,  Great question.

We’ve also been looking for more suppliers for our mobile accessories, headphonescar accessories and iPhone accessories website,   Have you tried to see if they have good deals in their directory for plus size clothing?  They're supposed to have a full directory of 8000 wholesale/dropship suppliers of all kinds including lots of clothing suppliers and 25 million products. 

We're thinking about giving them a try but want to get as much info as possible before trying.  Even though they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, we're just being thorough. Please let me know if you have luck with them.  Good luck and thanks, Ben

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Hello All,

Many uses OVERSEA dropshipper to send the product to US.  Most customers started see the trend and want shippers from US.  In case of any issues, it's best that you work with US Wholesalers.  
Oversea has it's perks but dealing with US Wholesalers will decrease the headaches and the SHIPPING TIME.

Also, YOU CAN RMA (return the goods for exchange if there are issues)

If you're selling Women's Apparel, 
try or

We are a US Company/Shipper located in Los Angeles California.  Our is price will match or lower than oversea shippers.