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Goodmorning friends,

I have a shopify store here at

My problem is the shipping.
Shopify has a default package (its set to an  8x8x8)
Shopify is behaving like each product I add to my cart, gets a new package box? 

If you checkout with 1 t-shirt, shipping is roughly $5
if you checkout with 2 t-shirts, shipping is roughly $10

I have integrated UPS, USPS.
I started playing with custom flat rate shipping options, but I havent figured out a way to tag items that will connect with correct shipping packages, if that makes sense.

If you guys could guide me, or introduce me to a different method, this would be awesome.

Thank you !

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I would also like an answer to this as I have the same problem. I did, however, test shipping costs as a customer to my own store with different default package sizes and the price didn't change for US shipping. I assume its because USPS and UPS doesn't change the price for anything under a certain size box. For example, as far as I know, UPS can be up to 165" total for all of the sides and anything under that would be the same price. USPS is 108" total. 


Maybe this helps but I am also figuring out this problem. 

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Do you have plans to integrate FedEx?

If so you can use the FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app which will help you handle the packing process. With the box packing feature, the app automatically configures the box based on the product weight and dimensions and chooses the right one based on your order. This would help you save shipping costs as well. 

I hope this would help you!

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