High-Dollar Chargeback Lost though Customer Confirmed Receipt

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Hello everyone!

We had a customer make a large bulk purchase for over $4,000 USD.  We shipped the package, and upon receipt, the customer claimed 20% of the contents were missing from the box.  We asked for more information, photos, etc, and they were vague and not very cooperative with their responses, simply demanding we send out the missing items.  Since we had video evidence confirming the box was packaged correctly, we wanted to gather us much info as we could for a claim before proceeding.

During our email exchanges, the customer filed a chargeback, and told us they would pay only for what they received.  The full $4,000 was deducted from our account.  We have now lost that chargeback.  And, not surprisingly, the customer has stopped answering emails and become non-responsive.

Not sure what the next step is.   Obviously, options through Shopify are limited (or non-existent).  We are considering a criminal complaint...obviously, not an ideal situation, but not sure what else to do.

Looking for input and suggestions,



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Hi @strw411 

Oh, I'm really sorry to hear this had to happen to your business. Are you located in the U.S? If you really want to go after the criminal and have the time and money, you can file a small claim court provided that you have collected all evidence to stand by your case.

Other than that, I would try to reach out to your payment gateway and demand that you speak to someone in the risk management team and tell them you want to appeal the case.


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