High Risk but everything matches

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I received an order that is at “high risk” for fraudulent activity. The only thing is that every bullet checks out except for the first bullet which just states that the transaction is similar to other fraudulent transactions. The only other thing that is off is that the billing name and shipping name are slightly different. I contacted the buyer and they said they were the daughter of the name on the billing address. Is there something else that the system doesn’t show that is triggering this high risk flag?

- Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past

- Location of IP address used to place the order is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

- Card Verification Value (CVV) is correct
- Billing street address matches credit card's registered address
- Billing address ZIP or postal code matches the credit card's registered address
- Shipping address is within 1 mile from location of IP address
- There was 1 payment attempt
Payment was made with 1 credit card
- Billing country matches the country from which the order was placed
- The IP address used to place the order isn't a high risk internet connection (web proxy)
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Hi Murray,


usually, Shopify's fraud detection mechanism is pretty spot-on, but in this case, I think it was a bit over-zealous. If the last name on the credit card matches the last name of the shipping address, I would fulfill this order.