Holding Fraudulent / Suspicious Orders - Fraud Filter

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The new Shopify Fraud Filter is great but for those of us who automatically fulfill our orders which are then sent to a third party for shipment, its not really that much help.

Hold Orders if Shopify Fraud Filter Triggered

It would be great if there was a way to hold orders if a fraud filter was triggered. The only option at the moment is to refund orders when a fraud filter is triggered, but you have to be 100% sure that its fraudulent to refund orders which is not usually the case.

Billing Address <> Delivery Address

Another great feature would be to trigger a fraud filter if the billing address did not equal the shipping address as this is usually a good indicator of fraud. Cant see a way to do this with the current Fraud Filter.

Custom Email sent if Fraud Filter Triggered

Finally the cherry on the cake would be to be able to automate your fraud checking by having a custom email sent to your customer asking them to for example, verify your email address / call us to unblock your order / were only able to ship to your billing address for this size of order since this is your first order etc.

Does anyone know a way to do any of these 3 tasks, or an app that could do it?



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Has there ever been any resolution to this issue? The fact that Shopify has this "fraud filter" but then automatically fulfills the order anyway is insane. It means all the fraud-detection code in Shopify is only useful if you pack and ship all your orders yourself. 

This is one of the many reasons we're considering dropping Shopify. Is there any resolution to this!?

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This is definitely something we need as well. I'm quite surprised that Shopify doesn't provide a solution to this in any way. We baiscally need a trigger to a fraud rule. The Fraud Filter app doesn't do anything to help this either.

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Hi, this might be coming a little bit late. We recently updated our Subuno fraud prevention app to allow merchants to effectively hold orders if certain fraud filters were triggered. Good orders would continue to go through. This feature works with many of the digital delivery and fulfillment apps in the Shopify store.

Better Fraud Detection for Shopify | Check out our Shopify App: http://apps.shopify.com/subuno
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I have installed Subuno and it is working well with our fulfilment app. Being able to hold orders based on the frequency of the same shipping address, name etc.. within a set time period is especially useful. It will also hold orders if ship to does not equal bill to, one of the features I needed. Nice :)

Is it possible for it to send a custom email to customers automatically if a fraud filter is triggered?

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I am on the Business team at Sift Science, a startup that fights fraud for online businesses. We use the same technology that Amazon and Apple use to fight fraud, but we're democratizing it to businesses of all sizes.

Sift has been very effective for Shopify stores. While you cannot block orders in Sift Science itself, you can see a very accurate risk assessment and profile of that customer, which will assist your team in making a decision around fraud. Sift also takes the rules out of analyzing fraud. We analyze over 1,000+ features and learn in real-time, from our customers, what characterizes a good customer and what characterizes a fraudster.

More than happy to chat more about Sift on this thread or via the chat widget on our website. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon!



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Sift Science 

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Unfortunately until Sift Science can hold orders automatically like Subuno, its not worth me looking at. Checking the risk assessment of every order manually would be a full time job.

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Did this ever get solved?